Celebrity Big Brother 2013 House Pictures Released!

Channel 5 has finally officially released pictures of the new winter-themed Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house, which features a cool muti-coloured look, with the much talked about igloo.

The house has had a very modest shuffle around from the summer series, the refurbishment has a frosty theme with Scandinavian-style furnishings. The new pictures of the house show plenty of outdoor space, fur blankets and a bathroom that looks like a Swedish sauna.

The garden has a pool and a jacuzzi as well as seating area surrounding a fire plate. The sitting area is very boring in comparison to previous houses, but separates the garish hallway from the bright yellow kitchen, which is decked out in a new lighter wood.

The first thing you notice in the garden is the round igloo, which sits on the right hand side. Inside it’s a plush, cosy seating area laden with fake fur throws and loads of cushions.

Check out the house photos below:

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The smoking area has been recoloured in aqua green, and the outdoor walls in a frosty grey. The new bathroom also features a deep tub set in wooden decking.

Elsewhere, the bedroom walls have been recovered with red roses. Each bed has snug wool blankets covering them, with a ski-lodge theme with a modern twist prevalent throughout the building. The gym – accessed via a door in the lounge – is now pretty in pink, it features a treadmill, a cross trainer and a spinning bike to ensure the contestants keep in shape during their stint on the show.

What do you think of the new look house?

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Alfie Green
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  • Tom Knoles

    Not much has changed has it? I was expecting more!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1401564001 Gareth Lee

    y cant it go back to gd old days wiv davina and a different house each year instead of the same house and ikea things

  • http://twitter.com/Brownzido Nokufa Zongolwa

    its fantastic for decades