Britain's Got Talent

Did Richard Jones steal trick from America’s Got Talent magician?

  • AS

    Actually the trick is not the trick of the Americas Got Talent magician either, its decades old.
    The link below is the trick being performed years before even the AGT magician performed it.
    Magic tricks are shared amongst magicians, they will update each others tricks and put their own spin on things, this happens with all magicians. Do you honestly think magicians like Paul Daniels could do an hour long show using all his own tricks? Even the trick Richard Jones has been accused of stealing from Paul Daniels is not Paul Daniels trick. It was invented at the turn of the 19th century.
    The magic circle are completely behind Richard Jones and have even tweeted about his amazing performance, he is doing the magic circle proud!

    And on top of that people havent accused the singers on the show of copying other peoples songs, or the dancers copying dance moves that were not invented by them, and im pretty sure the sword swallower is not the first person ever to swallow a sword!

    As long as a performer does justice to the trick then it shows he has real talent.