Love Island

Twitter reacts to leaked naked photo of Love Island 2016’s Alex Bowen

  • ummmmm….yeah. okay.

  • Epic Collision

    It’s big, at a really generous angle making it look bigger…nothing to be shy about for sure, but calm down

  • Dallas Dien

    lool looks like mine. if anyone hates on this comment im not shy.

    • reginald keeton

      love to see yours

    • Michael Sausser

      So send your pic to!

    • Michael Sausser

      So send your pic to!

    • HairyOne25 

      So then, show us yours please? Or email it to me:

    • HairyOne25 

      I’d love to see yours please?

  • SnakeyJ

    It looks like a dildo. I don’t believe it’s real.

  • What a pity he has dried up snot stuck to the side of his nose.

    • FeRD

      I… #WAT? You can’t even see his nose in that photo. Are you referring to the color photo at the top of the page? More specifically, are you referring to his nose ring, in the color photo at the top of the page?

      • Nose ring, dried snot….both not attractive. And his low class tats. Sorry….tilt….

  • mred129

    Nice tool……pity about all that ink…..wish I was a fan….(sigh).

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  • E

    What’s not to like. Some people are clearly jealous,most likely cause they no their girlfriend will be looking at this and thinking she is missing out. Olivia your a lucky girl,make the most of him

  • Harold

    Damn, I’d love to sit on his big cock!!!

    • connor

      Me and you both

  • Jon Kitchen

    Holy crap ,with my oral fetish ,I’d never stop tonguing the lollipop,and miss dinner.

  • M. J.

    It’s not real. It’s total Photoshop. It’s so sad that people still believe the lies of the world and porn. Most men on earth have small penises. It’s all tricks done, since the 70s.

    • Roberto

      It’s sad that you think that. lol

      • M. J.

        No, it’s really sad that you don’t, and then want to believe the lies that have been; constantly, fed to the individual of society, by society . . . that’s what’s really sad.

        • Roberto

          I’ve been to a few parties over the years and seen for myself. Maybe you’re meeting the wrong men.

          • M. J.

            Oh please. No, he’s not and that was Photoshop.

          • Roberto

            I sense a Hater. lol. Go on girl. Think what you’d lilke.

          • M. J.

            Your Spidey sense is off and thank you for your permission, but I don’t need it. ! )

      • ivyleaguer

        who the heck is alex bowen?

  • Don Cole

    Pencil dick, no thanks

  • NoNdInSite

    Its so unbelievable there are so many self-loading snarky haters commenting on this beautiful man and his ginormous asset. Booya-to-allaya!

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  • Jon Markle

    Looks like it’s photoshopped and not a very good photoshop, either.