VIDEO: Justin Bieber punches a fan in the face in Barcelona

It really hasn’t been a good year for Justin Bieber.

Fights, nudes, more fights, storming off stage and now… punching a fan.

The ‘Sorry’ singer was being driven to his gig in the Spanish city and fans were congregating outside the Palau Sant Jordi hoping to catch a glimpse of him. However, as his car drove past with the window down a boy reached into the car to grab Bieber.

However, the singer didn’t take it well, and punched him straight in the mouth.

The Spanish fan stumbled away after the altercation.

He walks around, touching his fingers to his lips  as blood drips out. “He has just punched me,” he explains in Spanish to the crowd.

“I touched his face like this and he went, ‘Boom.'”

Police confirmed this morning they were not investigating the incident and said it was up to the victim to decide whether to make a formal complaint.